Smog Awards 2022: Results


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Good I can stop hosting tours now-

But seriously, thanks so much. It's an honor to even be nominated for any of these (except that time I was nominated for Weeb in Denial), much less win some of them, and I'm extremely grateful to be welcomed in and a part of this community :psyglad:


the awakening light
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i'm very happy to have been nominated into this category in the first place. getting more involved with smogon and making a ton of friends along the way was a pretty awesome experience, and i'm glad to have been recognized for my efforts! thanks to everyone that voted for me and congrats to all the other nominees!! :heart:

e: fuck the people that haha'd me i am LITERALLY BEING NICE LIKE...
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The fact that I was even nominated for awards like "nicest user" and "best PS auth" truly floors me--and then to make top 3 artists in the CA category alongside my literal idols Clementine and Brumirage (who also won, very deservedly, in other categories!) is a huge honor. Thanks to everyone who nom'd and voted, and serious congrats to all the winners! <3
RBTT is winning best tour next year, believe it :wo:


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Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I appreciate the support throughout the community.

3x member of the year, 3x best leader, 5x hardest worker, 4x best competitive Pokemon poster, 5x best discussion sparker, 4x most persuasive user, and 1x creator of this list that will inevitably turn into a copypasta in discord chats.


Done and dusted
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very nice stuff to wake up to, thanks everyone who voted for Isaiah's custom avatar
some of the nominated avatars weren't actually made this year, so I wanted to share a few of my favourite custom avatars from 2022
rbtt5teamshaymin, made by sharpclaw (art thread)
wcop2022uswest, made by Brumirage (art thead)
fcl10samurotts, by Brumirage as well
blt-snorlaxes (1).png
blt9snorlaxes, made by the incredible Loulonlou (aka Grapo, art thread here)
Sulo's custom avatar, made by ZacWeavile (art thread)

and the ones I made that I liked the most!!
rbtt6teampalkia (1).png
rbtt6teampalkiaf (1).png

also thanks for the other nominations, (mainly the retirement one, I swear I'm leaving at some point)

Hi guys ! Well, before I start, thanks for the nomination '-' To tell you the truth, as I'm working in slow motion, I didn't expect it, as I've been working in slow motion for a few months. I would like, like Clem, to show you also my favorite avatars of this year, but mostly from a technical point of view. That is to say, the ones that for me are the best made and respect the Pokémon style (and also the characters I like)

Malenia Emilight.png
CA of Violet, by Senko
CA of the winners of RBTT5, by sharpclaw
Mizuhime Horo.png
CA of Mizuhime, by Horo
Senko by GenOne.png
CA of Kaori, by GenOne
Grapo Punny.png
Ca of Punny, by Loulonlou

Also, congratulations to all artists and spriters !

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